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As RTO registration consultants, we pride ourselves on being experts in the field of new RTO registration. Our consultants maintain close contact with ASQA using our extensive network to ensure you receive updated compliance information. We have been through the current process of applying for initial registration in 2019, assisting clients with RTO setup to achieve sustainable compliance. It is crucial to get your RTO starting on the right track to avoid potholes in future.

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How to become an RTO?

ASQA has increased scrutiny of applications for new RTO registration, meaning the process is more difficult than ever before. The application process includes:

  • Standards for RTOs (2015)

    You will need to ensure compliance with the Standards for RTOs (2015)

  • Financial viability

    You are required to forecast the success of your business model using a financial viability risk assessment (FVRA) tool

  • Self assessment

    ASQA provides a self assessment that has to be completed in order to submit your application

  • Fit and proper person declarations

    Demonstrating people associated with your organisation are fit and proper

When we first talk to clients about how to become a registered training organisation, they quickly realise it is a monumental task. Luckily, we simplify the process by providing templates and guidance – not only making life easier, but also speeding up the registration process significantly.

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How to become an RTO - the ultimate guide [Updated for 2024]

Jacob Shaw

The game has changed for those wondering how to become a registered training organisation in 2024. The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) has recently increased scrutiny of new applications for initial registration to ensure only high-quality training providers are approved.

This 12-step guide will help you understand the process of new RTO registration and give you a realistic timeframe for each step. While setting up an RTO is not easy, it is well worth the reward of entering the booming Australian VET industry.

RTO setup costs

The cost of RTO setup varies between clients, but some factors remain consistent. In our experience, preparing to submit an application takes between three to six months. Labour costs required to complete an application can be substantial – especially for organisations applying for the first time. RTOs must account for resources, staffing, delivery locations, RTO validation and more. Once the application is ready, the cost of applying to have ASQA assess the application is $8500. Clients must allow a further six months for this assessment process to take place. View our pricing for initial registration.

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